My Home is You

Here is a poem inspired at a weekend retreat with some amazing people, where God took time to demolish the places I was looking for strength and to reinstate Himself as my one true source of security:

I thought my home was taken

Away these past five years,

In houses whose owners made me fear

To change anything, leave a mark,

Say, “I was here.”


I thought my home was wandering,

And I was quite aware,

In my soul or in my car,

I was traveling in life

To a home somewhere far.


I thought my home was crumbling

As my sister moves away

And our closeness starts to fray.

Where my family was bonded,

Now change has come to stay.


I was wrong.


My home is not far off,

It’s here where I’m with You,

Secure in every venture, new,

And told to leave my mark

In Your kingdom, standing true.


About A Daughter's Story

I'm an author and a teacher exploring the world and the stories and ideas it holds.
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