You Are Everything

I need some creativity in my life, it’s just how my soul thrives.  Since I’ve had very little time to create art in other ways recently, the result seems to be that I’m writing more poetry rather than prose.  With that probably unnecessary preface, here’s a poem I wrote today:


You Are Everything

In the shining face of a child,
arms spread over tickling grass
while eyes squint at the shifting clouds above,
You are everything.

In the ache of a broken man,
whose betrothed chose another man,
the soft whisper from a heart without relief,
You are everything.

In the tear-soaked prayer of a working girl
who needs the paycheck but hungers for more,
the prayer of a desperate soul sick with yearning,
You are everything.

In the peaceful sigh of a poor old man
surveying his wealth at the end of his days–
riches of life and not of money–
You are everything.

You are everything.
We long for You.


About A Daughter's Story

I'm an author and a teacher exploring the world and the stories and ideas it holds.
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