Beach Day

I was blessed by a full day at the beach yesterday. ¬†Here are some pictures from my day and a couple descriptions I had fun writing ūüôā Slideshow   Description 1 They chased the foam dripping back into the sea, then fled before each new wave with joyous peals. ¬†It was a race, them and... Continue Reading →



Today I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of poetry and stories for a life update: My best friend's baby was born!!! I can't remember if I mentioned that I was co-planning her baby shower. ¬†It ended up being the most epic baby shower of the century (Probably. ¬†I'm not aware of any studies on the... Continue Reading →

My Goals in Life: Or, an Answer to the Question Everyone Asks a College Grad

In a couple of days, I graduate, and a few days after that, I start my first full-time job. ¬†It's an office job, a "real," nine-to-five job. ¬†Everyone keeps asking, "What are your plans for life? ¬†Where do you want to be in five years, ten years? ¬†What are your goals?" ¬†I guess this is... Continue Reading →

Learning to be Emotional

Something I've been realizing recently is how emotionally stunted the society I live in is, and consequently how emotionally stunted I am. ¬†Since I was young, I have been implicitly taught that unpleasant feelings are bad and unnatural, and I should pretend they do not exist. ¬†Something horrible happened? ¬†Buck up and deal with it.... Continue Reading →

The Best Summer and The Imaginary Adventures of the Twelfth Doctor

Though I've been silent from the blogging world this summer, I have by no means been lazy. ¬†In fact, this has probably been the best summer of my life. ¬†I've grown tremendously in my relationship with God and my understanding of our relationship as Father and daughter, I've gained heart-knowledge of my identity in Christ,... Continue Reading →

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