Child of the Kaites: Chapter 43

Already, Maraians clog the small Iranine market.  Big Akima, first of the shopkeepers to arrive, eyes the strangers with consternation.  Fists on her hips, she approaches an old Maraian woman.  The sea and the crowds drown out her words, but I imagine Big Akima’s demanding an explanation.  When the old woman answers her, she seeks... Continue Reading →


Child of the Kaites: Chapter 40

Can you believe we're 40 chapters in?!?!?! The end is SO CLOSE!!! *somersaults* * (Barring unforeseeable crazy life circumstances) I'll definitely finish (re)writing this year, and maybe even posting the chapters this year.  Yaaaayyyyyy!!!!! I'm delighted. You're probably scowling at me through the screen and saying, "Just give us this week's chapter, already.  Put us... Continue Reading →

Child of the Kaites: Chapter 37

I apologize for the tardiness of today's update.  Technically, it is still Monday.  Hopefully the length of the chapter will make it up to you. “We’re coming with you this time,” Forziel declares before my eyes are fully open. “What?”  The question comes out garbled, my throat dry from breathing the moisture-free air all night.... Continue Reading →

Child of the Kaites: Chapter 36

Far enough out among the brittle bush and bursage that our voices won’t travel back to camp, Nhardah speaks.  “I had no idea Nihae’s memory was fading so quickly.  How long has this been happening?” Savi ducks his head and threads his fingers together behind his neck.  I answer.  “I think we really started to... Continue Reading →

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