Child of the Kaites: Chapter 37

I apologize for the tardiness of today's update.  Technically, it is still Monday.  Hopefully the length of the chapter will make it up to you. “We’re coming with you this time,” Forziel declares before my eyes are fully open. “What?”  The question comes out garbled, my throat dry from breathing the moisture-free air all night.... Continue Reading →


Child of the Kaites: Chapter 36

Far enough out among the brittle bush and bursage that our voices won’t travel back to camp, Nhardah speaks.  “I had no idea Nihae’s memory was fading so quickly.  How long has this been happening?” Savi ducks his head and threads his fingers together behind his neck.  I answer.  “I think we really started to... Continue Reading →

Child of the Kaites: Chapter 34

Find previous chapters here. “Umph,” Nhardah grunts.  “I’m glad to see you, too, Raiballeon.” “You have no idea how much we’ve been through,” I mumble into his shoulder. Nhardah gives me a squeeze and pats my back.  “Daughter, you and young Saviayr handled it admirably, I’ve been told.” I pull back and frown at the... Continue Reading →

Child of the Kaites: Chapter 33

Find previous chapters here. “Do something!”  The sultan, minus his wheat crown, calls for our attention.  He flicks a wrist toward the fire wall.  “Speak to your divinity.  Save us from this fire.” The royals encircle him, standing this time.  The statues of Api still stand inanimate under Yza’s flowing textiles, but the idols hold... Continue Reading →

Child of the Kaites: Chapter 31

This is the beginning of Part 3. Find previous chapter links here. Soon after I arrived on Ira, the island held a great festival to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of the spirits uniting and creating the Iranines from their thoughts--at least, according to their traditions.  On that night, Tatanda’s wife pulled a locked chest... Continue Reading →

Child of the Kaites: Chapter 30

Thank you for your patience! Here's this week's belated chapter. (Find previous chapter links here) Our meager supplies lay scattered on the ground: Three blankets, two half-sipped water skins, and a crumbly way-cake wafer from Liwin’s pocket. “I can’t do this.”  Laen waves at the pile. Forziel rubs the back of his neck.  “I mean,... Continue Reading →

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