Child of the Kaites: Chapter 20

And we're back!! Or, more accurately, I'm back.  School is over for the summer, so we're going back to a chapter a week! If you need a refresher on previous chapters, or if you're just joining us, you can find the table of contents here. Elesekk is dead. It doesn’t make sense. A moment ago,... Continue Reading →



To the bushy-tailed victim Of a tragic happenstance That occurred upon this morning grim Because of cruel chance: With nimble feet you leapt Across the warm black asphalt, Your fluffy tail the street swept, Your hands stretched out to exalt. No evil thought weighed heavy Upon those shoulders small. A smile was always ready On... Continue Reading →

The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 20

Find previous chapters here. She was floating in nothingness, a grey, heavy nothingness that hurt and made it hard to breathe. Sometimes there was a buzzing noise, deep weaving together with high.  She thought the buzzing meant something, but it was too hard to concentrate. So much easier to bask in the colorless emptiness and... Continue Reading →

Words: The Power of Life and Death

Words. Such common things.  We use them all the time, even sometimes when we're asleep.  We have words in abundance, sometimes in an overabundance--yet they are still so valuable. Have you ever thought about what separates great authors from bad ones?  I think part of it comes from the author's ability to manipulate words.  Bad... Continue Reading →

On Immortality

I will be continuing the series on leadership started in the previous post, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you a little conversation on the concept of immortality (an idea popularized in our current day by vampires, Tuck Everlasting, and stories involving Greek gods). This is a conversation between my main character,... Continue Reading →

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