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Etsy Shop

When I was about ten, my grandma taught me how to crochet.  Somehow, I fell in love with it and have been crocheting ever since.  It is time now for a new stage in my crocheting life: I have begun … Continue reading

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Finding God in Stories: Doctor Who

Today’s installation of Finding God in Stories brings to you Doctor Who! Doctor Who is a British TV series about the Doctor, a time-traveling alien.  For the past 50 years, viewers have watched the Doctor travel through time and space … Continue reading

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Episode 1

I’ve been talking about the youtube show my friend C.J. and I are making, “The Imaginary Adventures of the Twelfth Doctor,” for a while now.  Well, dear people, today is a big day.  Today the first episode is uploaded!!!!!!! You … Continue reading

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The Best Summer and The Imaginary Adventures of the Twelfth Doctor

Though I’ve been silent from the blogging world this summer, I have by no means been lazy.  In fact, this has probably been the best summer of my life.  I’ve grown tremendously in my relationship with God and my understanding … Continue reading

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An Update

Hello, lovely readers!  I have been rather quiet recently, for which I apologize.  The reason for this is that my summer became uncharacteristically but wonderfully full.  So here is a brief update on some of the things that have been … Continue reading

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