I'm Thankful For... by Beth Wangler The breath in my lungs, The beat of my heart, The warmth of the sun When a new day starts, The cool breeze that blows, Sweet mint tea, The sunset that glows O'er a picnic by the sea, The look of wonder When a struggle is won, Peals of... Continue Reading →


The Kangraffs’ Curse: Chapter 14

Find previous chapters here. ________________________________________             A large blot spread over the parchment, marring the curves of the letters around it.  Steven frowned at the page.  With a sigh, he dabbed the blotch with a cloth and picked up a razor to scrape off the blemish. That activity was one with which he was becoming... Continue Reading →

Lady Elizabeth, Chapter 6

See here for the previous chapters of Lady Elizabeth. ______________________________________ “We do not have to do this, if you wish,” Elizabeth said, standing before the horse with wide eyes.  With great force of will, she swallowed and took regular breaths. “Nonsense.  Of course I shall teach you, if you still desire to learn,” he said, giving... Continue Reading →


I have to be honest, for much of my life, I have struggled with feeling very alone.  You see, I'm that nerdy little girl who spent her days reading a book instead of going to the mall--and, being quite an introvert, I've struggled with making friends.  Even when I have amazing friends, still I sometimes... Continue Reading →

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