Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Twenty-Two

For previous chapters, follow this link. Who first discovered that all it took to awaken one of the dragon’s victims was for their soulmate to peer into their sleeping eyes?  Noemi wanted to know. When the winged black silhouette of the Lull Wyrm blotted out the sinking sun, she also wanted to know who discovered... Continue Reading →


Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Fifteen

Happy late Thanksgiving! If you're just starting to read this, or if you need a refresher on what's happened, you can find previous chapters here. The straw of the cottage roof welcomed the flame from Damia’s mouth.  Human screams filled the air.  She smiled and circled the house from above.  Their screams were the first... Continue Reading →

Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Thirteen

Here's a new chapter 🙂  Find previous ones here. Leala blinked.  That was a question she had not anticipated. “N-no,” Ancel stuttered, for once without a steady flow of words. “Why?” Leala asked. To the Princess, Garrin said, “It was worth a try.” To Leala and her husband, the Princess said, “It just has to... Continue Reading →

Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter Eight

Find previous chapters here. “It’s rising too fast!” the Princess’s offensive companion, Garrin, shouted.  He had to shout to be heard, and even then Sir Lamarr could barely distinguish his words through the pounding rain and rushing water. The water was rising fast.  Moments ago it had been a damp trail.  Now it was inches... Continue Reading →

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