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Child of the Kaites: Chapter 14

Find previous chapters here. The morning dawns with strong light on a ravaged hilltop.  No plants within three arms’ lengths remain in the ground.  Their roots lay atop the dirt, churned so that rocks lie on the surface and stems … Continue reading

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Noemi’s Dragon: Chapter 18

Please accept my apologies for how long you’ve had to wait for this next chapter.  I am student teaching now, in addition to going to school, and it’s taking nearly all of my waking time.  In the midst of all … Continue reading

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Lady Elizabeth Chapter Three

Chapter 3 “Do you like dancing, Lady Elizabeth?” Edward asked Elizabeth as they awaited their turn to join the dancing. “Yes, very much.” He gave her what she thought was a concerned look.  “Are you feeling well tonight, my Lady?” … Continue reading

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Wondering if Romance is Still Real (The Answer is Yes)

Over the holiday season, I worked at Barnes and Noble.  The quickest path to the break room through the shelves heavy with thousands of books was down the romance aisle. Now, I’ve never considered myself a typical girl.  Sure, I … Continue reading

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The Romance of a Flower (Or, Why Chocolate, Poems, Songs, and Jewels are Better Gifts)

I don’t necessarily agree with everything in this poem, but it was really fun to write 🙂  I hope you enjoy reading it! __________________________________ The Romance of a Flower (Or, Why Chocolate, Poems, Songs, and Jewels are Better Gifts) The … Continue reading

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Loneliness and Longing for God

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  It seems people either love the day, if they have someone to spend it with, or hate it, if they have no one to spend it with.  My whole life, I’ve been in the latter category, … Continue reading

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Lady Elizabeth, Chapter 1

What follows is the first chapter of a little novella I am writing just for fun. What with all the emotional turmoil of the other stories I am writing, sometimes it’s nice to write a fluffy romance with a happy … Continue reading

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